Catawba Regional Council of Governments

Number of Member Appointed by Council: 4
Length of Terms: Varies

Purpose: Develop and maintain a continuing cooperative planning program for the Catawba Region. Council appointees are in bold/blue print.

Catawba Regional Council of Governments website


George Caldwell
100 West End St.
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 581-4437
Nominated by: City
Appointment Date: 2015
Appointment Ends: 2018

Jim Fuller
998 Pineview Lakes Rd.
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 377-3137
Nominated by:
County Council-Joe Branham
Appointment Date: 03-2017
Appointment Ends: 12-2020

Nettie Archie
557 Sunrise Blvd.
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 374-1080
Nominated by:
County Council-Alex Oliphant
Appointment Date: 03-2017
Appointment Ends: 12-2020

Joe Branham
729 Cornwell Rd.
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 581-1183
(803) 581-8007 cell
Nominated by: County Council
Appointment Date: 02-2017
Appointment Ends: 12-2020

Membership Criteria: Elected officials retain their membership for the length of their term of office. Representatives who do not hold public office shall serve for a term of 3 years. Four members are appointed by the County Council: one member of the County Council; one person who does not hold elective public office or is a local official of a governmental entity not otherwise represented; one minority representative and one member of the Town of Chester governing body that is recommended by the Town Council. The delegation appoints one member from the Delegation. (Agreement creating the Catawba Regional Council of Governments as Amended).

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