Chester County Rural Fire Commission

Number of Member Appointed by Council: 7
Length of Terms: 4 years

Purpose:  Study and survey the fire protection and control problems in the County and formulate a comphrehensive plan for fire control for the County. 


District 1 - Brad Jordan
William Beard
PO Box 130
Edgemoor, SC 29712
(803) 789-5562
Re-Appointment Date: 02-2015
Appointment Ends: 12-2018

District 2 - Archie Lucas
Robert L. (Bobby) Jones
1399 Beaver Dam Rd.
Richburg, SC 29729
(803) 789-5922
Rd-Appointment Date: 02-2015
Appointment Ends: 12-2018

District 3 - Joe Branham
Andy Weir
1092 Pineview Lakes Rd.
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 581-3249
Appointment Date: 02-2017
Appointment Ends: 12-2020

District 4 - Pete Wilson
Andy Martin (Chairman)
1799 Pinckney Rd.
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 377-3653
Re-Appointment Date: 02-2017
Appointment Ends: 12-2020

District 5 - Mary Guy
Earl Elam
2078 Saluda Rd.
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 385-6015
Re-Appointment Date: 04-2016
Appointment Ends: 12-2018

District 6 - Alex Oliphant

Re-Appointment Date: 
Appointment Ends: 

At Large - Shane Stuart
Betty Gail Nicholls
797 Ashford Rd.
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 899-2775
Appointment Date: 06-2015
Appointment Ends: 12-2018

Membership Criteria: Membership shall consist of 7 members who shall be appointed by County Council for terms of 4 years, commencing on January 1 in the year of appointment. One member shall be appointed from, and be a resident of each of the 6 council districts, and the seventh member shall be appointed at large by majority vote of Council. One member shall be from an insurance sector, at least two members shall have firefighting and/or fire training experience. Two members shall be from the business community and two members shall be citizens from the general public. (Chester County Code 3-526) Board members shall serve at the will and pleasure of Council and terms shall run concurrent with that of the appointer.