Planning Commission

Number of Member Appointed by Council: 7
Length of Terms: 4 years

Purpose: Prepare plans; make recommendations to County Council concerning the orderly development of Chester County. Meets 3rd Tuesday if application is presented.


District 1 Brad Jordan
Nathan Smith
3911 Wylie's Mill Rd.
Richburg, SC 29729
(704) 363-7564
Appointment Date: 08-2016
Appointment Ends: 12-2018

District 2 - Archie Lucas
Michael Tate
5522 Golf Course Rd.
Great Falls, SC 29055
(803) 482-2772
Re-Appointment Date: 02-2015
Appointment Ends: 12-2018

District 3 - Joe Branham
Robert W. Raines, Jr.
929 Edgewood Circle
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 377-3734
Re-Appointment Date: 02-2017
Appointment Ends: 12-2020

District 4 - Pete Wilson
Marvin B. Grant
2363 Armenia Rd.
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 385-5332
Re-Appointment Date: 02-2017
Appointment Ends: 12-2020

District 5 - Mary Guy
Carolyn Williams
2886 James F. Wherry
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 581-0221
Re-Appointment Date: 02-2015
Appointment Ends: 12-2018

District 6 - Alex Oliphant
Azzie Lee Hill
106 Hope St.
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 581-7708
Re-Appointment Date: 02-2017
Appointment Ends: 12-2020

At Large - Shane Stuart
Joe Howell
2376 Westbrook Road
Edgemoor, SC 29712
(803) 789-6446
Appointment Date: 10-2018
Appointment Ends: 12-2022

Membership Criteria: The planning commission shall consist of seven members appointed by the county council for terms of four years, staggered so that one-third of the members shall have terms expiring in each year. Members shall serve until their successors are appointed and qualified. No member of the planning commission shall be the holder of an elected public office in the county. One member shall be appointed from, and be a resident of, each of the six council districts and the seventh member shall be appointed at large for a term of four years. Board members shall serve at the will and pleasure of the appointing council member and terms on the county planning commission shall also run concurrent with that of the appointer.

Planning Commission Agenda 1.22.18

Planning Commission Minutes 1.22.18

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