In Chester County, agri-tourism is a "growing" industry and business.  Cotton Hills Farms is a leader in the agri-tourism business, where school children and other visitors can experience a "Day at the Farm." Agri-tourism is the practice of attracting travelers or visitors to an area or areas used primarily for agricultural purposes. Agri-tourism can be viewed much like eco-tourism in that it is small-scale, low-im‍‍‍pact, and, in most cases, education-focused. It can also be a style of vacation that normally takes place on a farm or ranch. This may include the chance to help with farming and ranching tasks during the visit.  In America, agri-tourism is wide-spread and includes any farm open to the public at least part of the year. Tourists can pick fruits and vegetables, ride horses, taste honey, learn about wine, shop in farm gift shops and farm stands for local and regional produce or hand-crafted gifts.

Today, people are more interested in how their food is produced and want to meet the producers and talk with them about what goes into food production. Children who visit farms involved in agri-tourism often have not seen a live chicken, cow, or pig, and have not picked an apple right off the tree. This form of agri-tourism has given birth to what are often called "entertainment" farms. These farms cater to the pick-your-own crowd, offering not only regular farm products, but also food, mazes, open-pen animals, train rides, picnic facilities and pick-your-own produce.  Chester County is proud to be part of this growing business in agriculture.

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B&S Farms and Equestrian Center
Location: 3354 Armenia Road, Chester, SC 29706
Phone: (803) 377-4892
Product: horse riding equipment

Cotton Hills Farm
Location: 2575 Lowry's Highway, Chester, SC 29706
Phone: (803) 581-4545
Product: fresh produce, farm tours, canned goods


The Chester Market of Cotton Hills Farm
Location: 131 Church St., Chester, SC 29706
Phone: (803) 385-4545
Product: fresh produce

Cedarleaf Farm
Location: 2762 Blaney Rd., Chester, SC 29706
Phone: (803) 377-8940

Gaston Farm Road Equestrian Center
Location: 2717 Gaston Farm Road, Chester, SC 29706
Phone: (803) 374-6255
Product: boarding of horses, riding lessons


Chester Farmers and Artisans Market
Location: 111 Columbia St., Chester, SC 29706
Phone: (803) 444-4320

Stephenson's Dairy Farm
Location: 1924 Stephenson Road, Chester, SC 29706
Phone: (803) 377-3558
Product: operating dairy and turkey farm tours by appointment

Watson Farms
Location: 713 Colony Road, Chester, SC 29706
Phone: (803) 581-8926
Product: grass-fed beef sold directly to the public

Oak Grove Plantation
Location: 3207 Mountain Gap Rd., Richburg, SC 29729
Phone: (803) 482-2696

Thames Farm
Location: 3510 Catawba River Rd., Fort Lawn, SC 29714
Phone: (803) 230-0117
Product: Pork, Chicken, produce