Chester County Public Schools

District Office
509 District Office Drive

Chester, SC 29706

(803) 385-6122

The Chester County School District has approximately 5,500 students and 688 employees. The district has five elementary schools, three middle schools, three high schools, one alternative school, one career center and one adult education center. The school system operates with a $50 million budget. Sixty percent of teachers have a Master’s degree or higher. In addition to the basic program of studies, the ChesterCounty School District offers a variety of programs designed to meet special needs. These include gifted/talented, academic assistance, state-of-the-art wireless technology computer program, two-way interactive distance learning studios at all high schools, honors classes, advanced placement, college preparatory, pre-kindergarten, full day kindergarten, career education and arts in education. The business community sponsors Communities In Schools and Junior Achievement.


Academy of Teaching and Learning
109 Hinton St.
Chester, SC 29706

Chester County Career Center
1324 J.A. Cochran Bypass
Chester, SC 29706

Chester High School
1330 J. A. Cochran Bypass
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 377-3161

Chester Middle School
1014 McCandless Road
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 377-8192

Chester Park Elementary School of the Arts
835 Lancaster Hwy.
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 581-7279

Chester Park Elementary School of Inquiry
835 Lancaster Hwy.
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 581-7282

Chester Park Elementary Center of Literacy Through Technology
835 Lancaster Hwy.
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 581-7275

Great Falls Elementary School
301 Dearborn St.
Great Falls, SC 29055
(803) 482-2214

Great Falls Middle/High School
411 Sunset Ave.
Great Falls, SC 29055
(803) 482-2210

Lewisville Elementary School
4006 Lewisville High School Road
Richburg, SC 29729
(803) 789-5164

Lewisville High School
3971 Lewisville High School Road
Richburg, SC 29729
(803) 789-5131

Lewisville Middle School
3595 Lancaster Hwy.
Richburg, SC 29729
(803) 789-5858

The Learning Center
Alternative School
1014 McCandless Rd.
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 581-9362

Private Schools

Hawthorne Christian Academy
790 Hawthorne Road
Chester, SC, 29706
(803) 377-8235

Holy Place Christian Academy
510 Patrick Street
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 581-1793

Additional Education Programs

Chester County Adult Education
1324C J.A. Cochran Bypass
Chester, SC 29706
Phone: 581-9324
Fax: 581-9363

Administrative Overview:
Chester County Adult Education offers citizens of Chester County a second chance to get their education. Adult Education is located beside the Chester County Career Center. The following programs are offered: alternative education, literacy, pre-graduate equivalency degree, GED, GED on-line, high school diploma, family literacy, computer literacy, Workforce Investment Act, workplace programs, English as a second language, and High School Assessment Program remediation. Adult education has partnerships with the following: Fort Lawn Community Center, Catawba Regional Council of Governments, One-Stop, Chester Housing Authority, Literacy Council of Chester, Guided Academic Preparation Program in Great Falls, Success by 6, Department of Social Services, and the Springs Close Foundation to name a few. Classes run Mon. - Thurs., 8am - 10am, 10am - 12pm, 5:30pm - 8:30pm.

Chester County Literacy Council
109 Ella St.
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 581-1960

United Way Success By 6
161 Columbia St.
Chester, SC 29706
Phone: (803) 385-6543
Fax: 581-9363

United Way Success By 6 of Chester County is an early childhood initiative to ensure healthy, stable and contented growth of children from birth to age six when children usually enter the first grade. The strategy advocates community-appropriate quality early childhood initiatives that neither duplicate nor randomly establish services. The initiative brings together resources from multiple partners to address the needs of young children and families. A board of leaders from all sectors of the community governs Success By 6, which operates as an initiative of Chester Area United Way.

Colleges and Universities

Clinton Junior College
1029 Crawford Rd.
Rock Hill, SC 29730
Toll Free: (877) 837-9645
Phone: (803) 327-7402
Fax: (803) 327-3261

University of South Carolina, Lancaster
PO Box 889
476 Hubbard Dr.
Lancaster, SC 29720
(803) 313-7000

Winthrop Uniniversity
701 Oakland Avenue
Rock Hill, SC 29733
Toll Free: (800) WINTHROP
Phone: (803) 323-2211
Fax: (803) 323-2137

York Technical College
Chester Campus
Beth Blackwell, Director
525 College Place
Chester, SC 29706
Phone: 385-5884 Fax: 581-5434