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Battle of Beckhamville
Glinda Coleman
P.O. Box 215
Great Falls, SC 29055
Phone: 482-2370
Battle of Beckhamville Reenactment
Scotch Irish Heritage Dinner

The historic Battle of Beckhamville is commemorated each year with a weekend event in Great Falls sponsored by the Great Falls Hometown Association. The festivities begin with the play "The Battle for Liberty Begins." Re-enactments are held at the battlefield at the intersection of S.C. Highways 97 and 99.

At this location in June 1780, a band of patriots surprised British and loyalists who were gathered in what was then called “Alexander’s Old Field.” This battle and other battles and skirmishes fought in the Carolinas “backwoods,” which the British thought they would simply march through after taking Charleston, shifted the tide of the Revolutionary War. Some historians say the American Revolution was won in this region of the Carolinas. In addition to battle re-enactments both days, there will be vignettes through the day, period music, dancing, vendors and food. More specific information about the event will be announced.