Utility Information

Electric Utilities

Duke Energy provides electric power for the majority of Chester County.
Fairfield Electric Cooperative, Inc also provides electric power to the county.
Please call to determine which carrier will service your area.

Water and Sewage

Chester Metropolian Water and Chester County Sewage provides water and
sewage service to some areas of the county.
Great Falls Waste Water Treatment Plant provides wastewater collection and
treatment services to Great Falls and the surrounding areas.

Natural Gas

The Chester County Natural Gas Authority supplies natural gas throughout
Chester County. Carolina Pipeline Company, supplied by Southern Natural Gas
and Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation, is the Authority's source of supply.


Truvista Communications and AT&T provide a complete range of services throughout Chester County including access to fiber optic trunk line that runs through the county.
Comporium® group of companies have provided communications services to customers in York, Chester and Lancaster counties for more than 100 years.
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